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Minimum of 100,000

Maximum of 2,000,000

Term: 12 to 36 months

This is strictly for BUSINESS LOANS only.

Depending on your location, you can try. However, we are STRICTLY FACE-TO-FACE TRANSACTIONS.

3 to 4 working days from completion of requirements.

No we do not. If someone is trying to collect a fee from you, please beware.

Yes. We have a special program for that. You may drop by our head office so we can discuss your options.

No. But you may drop by our head office to discuss your other options.


  1. Application
  2. At least 1 valid ID
  3. Business permit
  4. Vaccination card (complete vaccination)
  5. Checking account
  6. Others to be discussed face-to-face

Our repayment is by Post-dated checks. However, while we may not be able to give you a loan now, you may still drop by our Makati Head Office to discuss your financial options. If you are amenable, you may be qualified for a loan after a few months.

Not necessarily. Having a checking account is just a qualifier.

For other concerns and/or issues, please email us at You may also drop by our Makati Head Office for faster transactions and accommodation of your concerns and issues.

Please be reminded of the following:
1. We do not collect fees outside our Makati Head Office.
2. All transactions are done face-to-face in our Makati Head Office.
3. Our Gcash transactions are Scan-to-Pay only. We do not have a Gcash cellphone number.
4. DO NOT issue blank pre-signed checks. Our payee name is LLOYD’S FINANCING CORP.
5. Once a check is issued to our company, it will automatically be deposited unless the client requests for a cancellation at least 2 banking days from the date of the check.

In case of doubt, please message us at our official Facebook account ( or email us at


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