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This document contains the Terms and Conditions governing your use of this Website and the Lloyd’s Financing Online Payment System (hereto collectively referred to as the “Service”), including your payment of any amount to Lloyd’s Financing Corporation (LFC) through the Service.

If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, do not use or access the Service.

LFC reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time and at its sole discretion and your continued use of the Service following the posting of any changes to the Terms and Conditions constitutes your acceptance of such changes.

We strongly recommend that you review the Terms and Conditions prior to your use of the Service. You can review the most current version of these Terms and Conditions at any time.


Your application and/or request is subject to verification and approval. LFC reserves the right to render a final decision on the approved amount of payment.

Before transaction of payment, please verify that the amount inputted is correct and the payee name is LFCPH or Lloyd’s Financing Corp. For payment inquiries, you may contact

All information submitted will be used solely for this transaction and will be kept confidential using AES128 encryption.


In using the Service, you are required to ensure that the corresponding Application and Request Forms have been completely filled-in, signed, and transmitted to LFC before proceeding or after your payment. 

Payments to LFC shall only be classified as either Amortization or Fees.

Any payment to be made must be officially endorsed by an Account Officer, or Collection Officer, whichever is applicable. This is to ensure that the receipt to be issued will reflect the correct amount of payment, and so that any error in said payment may make the corresponding officer accountable.

All payments made shall be verified by LFC within 24 banking hours. Once payment is reflected in the corporate bank account, the processing of the corresponding application and/or request shall commence.

You represent and warrant that (a) and and all personal information, including credit/debit card information, you supply are true and complete; (b) If the credit/debit card used for payment is issued in the name of a third party, you certify that said third party has granted specific authorization to use such credit/debit card for this transaction. LFC reserves the right to cancel the transaction, in the exercise of reasonable discretion.

All payments are subject to the terms and conditions of each bank and LFC has no authority over any payments made through the bank payment gateway. In using the bank-issued credit card/debit card, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions imposed by your card’s issuing bank, as well as those imposed by the bank payment gateway.

LFC does not retain your payments details of any other significant information such as your credit card number, passwords, pin number etc. As the cardholder of a credit card/debit card, you understand the you are solely responsible for securing your credit card/debit card.

Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation of an application and/or refund must be made in writing and submitted to LFC ( Once the request for cancellation and refund is submitted, the processing time is 3-5 banking days. The refund shall be credited within banking hours only and directly to the payor’s bank account, after providing at least one (1) valid ID to verify the payor’s identity. Refunds will be issued only to the named payor in the application and/or request.

LFC Data Privacy Policy

By using the Service, you understand that the Service is provided by LFC, and your data is being processed by and for LFCd pursuant to its Data Privacy Policy. You hereby agree to abide by the Data Privacy Policy of LFC.

By providing your personal data and submitting your information through the Service, you consent to (a) the collection, use, disclosure and/or processing of your personal data by LFC, their agents and their authorized service providers, in order to process the Service and/or respond to your request, query, feedback or comments, (b) to the LFC Data Privacy Policy. You hereby consent to the use and disclosure of your personal data for the purpose of helping each member of LFC review and improve its products and services (including conducting market research and data analytics).

You also consent to receive information about LFC products and services, promotional offers, contests, newsletters or other activities that may be of interest to you. You understand that lFC will respect your wishes if you elect not to receive future correspondence about these activities. With each communication you receive, you will have the opportunity to indicate if you do not want to receive future communications.

All data gathered by the Company, in relation to any payments made, shall be treated with absolute discretion, and shall not be disclosed to any third persons who are not party to the transaction, in compliance with the Data privacy Act.

Governing Laws

These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with and shall be governed by the laws sin force in the Philippines.

Your used of the Service constitutes your acknowledgment that you have read these Terms and Conditions, the LFC Data Privacy Policy and all the applicable LFC rules and regulations, and that you understand the nature and consequences of the same, and agree to be bound by all the terms, conditions and provisions contained therein.

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