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I Can Vouch For Lloyd’s!

When buying something, we begin with doing our own “research” or kaya naman madalas tayo magtanong sa mga kakilala natin about their previous experiences with that product or service. Gaya ni Odie and Ayie, let’s hear what they have to say about Lloyd’s!

Are you willing to enthusiastically recommend us to your friends and family?
“I can vouch for that! In fact, I have recommended the company to some of my friends! … Hindi kame basta basta pumapasok, sinearch pa nga namin si Lloyd’s eh’ bago namin pinasok.”

What convinced you to try the product?
“The uniqueness of the product which I believe is suitable for my needs and the empathy of the staff that they showed me. Second is, yung kayo, malaking factor kasi yung presence ninyo, mahalaga po yun na maexplain and ma-encourage so ayun po yung two main factors.”

What part of the service makes you happy?
“The company sticks to their promise and offers flexible payment options.”
“… maganda rin yung sa office ninyo na how you are accommodating sa mga clients, and even the services you provide, it matters kasi eh kahit sa mga simpleng bagay, like a simple smile, a simple service, it makes a difference. Maintain niyo lang yung hospitable services nyo.”

What value do we provide that makes you decide to stay with us?
“The important value there is, you are helping individuals to address their needs, especially when it comes to financial. And yung interest, mababa na hindi mabigat so that is something that is really helping.”

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