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Interest Na Magaan Sa Bulsa

If things go as planned, then everything should fall into place. Gaya sa negosyo, when consumers pay LESS in interest, it spurs demand for products and services, which in turn creates a RIPPLE effect to the economy.
Dumarami ang trabaho, gumagaan ang negosyo, and it improves the standard of living in the country.

3 Months After Qualifying for a Low-Interest Loan’

…“Maganda talaga ang programa ni Lloyds, alam ko na maraming ng natulungan si Lloyds. Kakaloan ko palang pero parang after three months inofferan ako agad ng reloan. Kinuha ko na kasi sabi ko ito ang makakatulong sa akin sa business. At isa pa, maganda yung mababa yung interest ni Lloyds, mas mababa sa banko at may insurance pa. Madaming opportunity. Makakatulong talaga siya sa marami.”

The ease of doing business is definitely a key constraint to SME growth. Financial institutions in the community where you plan to do business are an ideal place to start looking. Over the past 33 years, our financial services have accounted for every client’s growth. Simply because we make it AFFORDABLE and EASY for our clients to
pay for their loan. 0.88% interest per month ONLY!

Like Mr. Tenorio, you too can become successful. Message us~!

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