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Ramdam Ko Ang Asenso Dito!

Just because ang business mo ay kumikita does not mean na nasa tamang landas ka. Kung nakakapundar ka ng ipon sa mga kinikita mo sa business mo, yan ang masasabi nating “you are on the RIGHT TRACK”. Just like Ms. Hiyao. Let’s hear what she has to say about Lloyd’s…

What convinced you to try our product?

“As a mutual business partner, nadagdagan ng Lloyd’s yung resources namin kaya nag-boost ang business namin… We got a low interest for 12 months which the amortization is really good. If you convert it, mas marami kang kikitain. Dahil mas marami kang goods na mabibili, and you can lower your prices.

… In regard to their savings, while we are paying our loans, we are also earning additional interest on it. It’s like an investment, so it’s good… At first nahirapan kami intindihin until we realized na MAGANDA pala ito. Kasi your savings would accelerate as you earn interest on it. In fact, the last time we checked it with mam Angee, we realized that we could raise MORE…”

Biggest challenge during pandemic?

“During the pandemic, we experienced a 2 week business setback. Since our business is focused on delivering goods, hindi maiiwasan na may magkaroon ng Covid, so we had to shut down. … WITH THE HELP OF LLOYDS! Na-overcome namin and pandemic! Kasi at that time, they even provided a short term loan with a lower interest rate to support us. If I recall correctly, the tagline is ReCovidry.”

What value do we provide that makes you decide to stay with us?

“Partnering up with Lloyd’s can help us grow as a business. We can feel their trust and confidence in us. Because we can deliver our commitments, while they build trust at the same time.”

Ms. Hiyao’s journey has not been a simple journey of progress. It is the CHOICES that she made that helped shape what she has achieved. Ikaw ba? Is your business on the Right Track? APPLY NOW and enjoy our current PROMO Rate of 0.78910% per month on loans! For inquiries, kindly MESSAGE US! Promo runs until Feb 15 only.

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