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Sakto! Walang Katulad Na Loan Services

It is very difficult for a new business to get a loan from a bank or lender. RISKY daw kasi dahil bago palang at wala pang masyadong customers.

But just because they will often say, “We don’t provide loans to startups’ ‘ ikaw naman: “Mag-aasawa nalang ako ng mayaman”.

But seriously, HOW would you react in a situation like this?? The best thing to do is to: MOVE ON and find the RIGHT one.

– Edsel Vengco

“Unique yung offer ni Lloyds eh so parang kailangan lang pag-aralan ng kaunti pero maganda yung proposition. So I think it’s good for startup entrepreneurs and startup businesses like us. And there is partnership, parang relationship and partnership, and na feel namin na inaalagaan kami ni Lloyds. That’s why na value namin din yun.”

If you are unsuccessful in getting a loan from OTHERS, SAKTO! You came along at the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time.

Our company has been generous in giving help to those looking to EXPAND their business. As long as we find good qualities within any business, tutulong kami!

In fact, we only charge 0.88% interest per month on LOANS..

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