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Spend Wisely

What’s up, Madlang People?

I know you’ve been waiting for this topic. Well, even we are excited to reveal these tips. So, continue reading to get the gist.

Many of you, if not all, are wondering how affluent people climbed the peak of that steep mountain. Some of you might be guessing, “baka naghelicopter?”, “baka may kapit na diwata?”, but most of you do not know the steps they truly took to get there. Eka nga ni Miley Cyrus “It’s always gonna be another mountain, I’m always gonna wanna make it move…It’s the climb”.

Bahala ka na kung pano mo ittransalate yung lyrics in real life, but in LFC’s perspective. You should have enough discipline to reach the mountain top. Same with the way we handle money.

The wealthy, they believe that you need to be disciplined financially para YUMAMAN ka. What’s their secret? Ito na nga… Nanginginig pa.

1. Spend Wisely

I know what came first on your mind when you read that “Spend wisely”… Excuses, excuses, and excuses. Kesyo nageenjoy ka lang naman pag pay day, or if you get an incentive. Okay, let’s take it. Hindi talaga maiiwasan ang mag-saya pero ibang usapan na yung luho talaga.

Watson dito, Home depot doon.
Shopee dito, Lazada doon. Girl, awat na!

Tip #1: Do the 7 day challenge. 7 day challenge needs strong discipline, Gusto mo ng bagong foundation ngayon? wait for 7 days bago mo bilhin nang mapag-isipan mo kung kailangan mo ba talaga? 🙂 Again! 7 day challenge.
Tip #2: Compute gaming- Compute all necessary expenses in a month (Bills, pamasahe, office allowance, food) Create a graph or chart if you must. Then, subtract it from your monthly pay out. Ilan nalang matitira? May masi-save ka pa kaya?
Tip #3: Do the 50-peso challenge. Wow! SUPER CHALLENGE ITO. You might not believe it pero nakakaipon ako ng almost or over 3000 sa isang pay out. Pano to? (Follow us on Instagram @LloydsFC_Ph and comment here ‘done’ so we can message you), Free consultation na ito. San ka pa?

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