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Why Prepare for Disaster?

Kung noong 90s nakaka ‘comfort’ ang mga kanta niya, ngayon kabaligtaran ang lamig na dala ng Tropical Storm Jolina!

This cold weather is less of an advantage for many singles out there than for those who have ‘jowa’. Because when you are single, nobody is there to hug you when you feel cold.

Like the 6 out of 10 Pinoys na namomroblema ngayon dahil walang SAVINGS. Kaya dapat financially and spiritually prepared ka.

If there is one thing you should know about money above all else, it is kung paano magtipid.…/

What does the bible say about saving money?

Proverbs 10:4-5 ESV
“A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes us rich. He who gathers in summer is a prudent son, but he who sleeps in harvest is a son who brings shame.”

Speaking of which, did you know that maaaring tumubo ng 5% per annum ang pera mo? For more inquiries, please Message us.

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